George Maris

Birth: 31 AUG 1694 , Springfield, Chester Co, PA
Death: 30 SEP 1760 , Springfield, Delaware Co, PA

Married (1) Hannah Massey on 22 DEC 1725 at Springfield MM, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Married (2) Sarah Levis on 19 MAY 1720 at Springfield MM, Chester Co, PA

Married (3) Mary Rees on 24 SEP 1730 at Goshen MM, Chester, Pennsylvania

Married (4) Anne Lownes on 14 JUL 1732 at Springfield, Delaware, Pennsylvania

George Maris Alice Wilsmith James Lewis Sybil Griffith
John Maris Susanna Lewis
George Maris
m.(1) Hannah Massey

m.(2) Sarah Levis

m.(3) Mary Rees

m.(4) Anne Lownes

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