Richard Curtis

Birth: 1621 , of Ash, Kent, Eng
Christened: 21 MAY 1615 , Thatcham, Berkshire, England
Death: 15 OCT 1693 , Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Married (1) Lydia Chandler on ABT 1653 at Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Married (2) Sarah

Married (3) Ann HALLET

Married (4) Elizabeth

Married (5) Elizabeth

Married (6) Elizabeth Salmon on 1643 at Norfolk, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Married (7) Lydia Anna Hallett on 1649 at Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.

Married (8) Elizabeth Bishop

Married (9) elizabeth

Married (10) Richard Curtis

Married (11) MARY HOWE on 1643 at Norfolk, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Married (12) Elizabeth on 1643

Married (13) Anne Clarke Villiers

Married (14) Sara Strange on 25 OCT 1657 at Dorchester, Massachusetts, United States

Richardine Noyes
Thomas Curtis
Richard Curtis
m.(1) Lydia Chandler

m.(2) Sarah

m.(3) Ann HALLET

m.(4) Elizabeth

m.(5) Elizabeth

m.(6) Elizabeth Salmon

m.(7) Lydia Anna Hallett

m.(8) Elizabeth Bishop

m.(9) elizabeth

m.(10) Richard Curtis

m.(11) MARY HOWE

m.(12) Elizabeth

m.(13) Anne Clarke Villiers

m.(14) Sara Strange

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