Elizabeth Leake

Birth: 1745 , Goochland Co. Va. Source
Death: 1784 , Albemarle Co. Virginia Source

Occupation: Housewife

William Leake Mary Bostick John Mask Martha Jane Christian
Walter Leak Judith Mask
Elizabeth Leake

Notes: "Please note the given names of the children of James and Elizabeth COL EMAN, as recorded in the above will:


Later in this article, after a review of the LEAK family, we will again r efer to the names of these children as additional evidence that the Eli zabeth, wife of James COLEMAN of Goodchland and Albemarle Counties was, E lizabeth, daughter of Walter LEAK of Goochland.'

"It is known that the LEAK family lived early in Goochland County, Virg inia. Infact, LEAKES were there in its beginning in 1747 when it was a p art of Henrico. This is well documented in "Kinfolks" by William Curry H ARLLEE (New Orleans, 1934-1937, I passum). Four miles west of Goochland , in Goochland Co. is the small community of "Leake" and a cemetery con tainng stones bearing the name."

"According to HARLLEE, the immigrant ancestor of the Goochland LEAKES w as one William LEAKE, who with wife Mary BOSTICK, came to this country f rom England about 1685. They lived at "Rocky Spring", the LEAKE ancestr al home in Goochland County. When Mary BOSTICK and William L:EAKE came t o this new country, they brought with them the family Bible, still owne d by descendants, which until 1932 remained in the "Rocky Spring" home. A t that time, "Rocky Spring" was sold out of the family, and the Bible f ound a new abode after reposing in the same place for approximately 247 y ears. Pictures of the title page and fly leaf are given in General HARL LEE's book (Vol. I, 240, 241)."

"Mary BOSTICK and William LEAKE had among others one Walter LEAKE who m arried Judith MASK. This fact has been brought to light not only by Gen eral HARLLEE in his "Kinfolks" but earlier in an article in the "Richmo nd Times-Dispatch" (Feb. 14, 1904) and in "Historical Genealogy of the W OODSONs and their Connections" by Henry Morton WOODSON (Memphis, 1915, p . 120). The will of Walter LEAKE is recorded in Goochland County, VA. ( Will and Deed Book 7, p. 279) and reads as follows:"

"In the name of God Amen, I, Walter LEAK of Goochland County make this m y last will and testament (being very weak). Revoking all other wills b y me formerly made, and appoint this my last, acknowledging in myself i n my proper senses, I praise God for the same."

"First: Desire my Body to be buried according to the Discretion of my E xeutors hereafter named, without pomp."

"Secondly: That my debts be all paid when due, and as for my Ttemporal E state it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, I give as follows: Viz"

"Impremis I give and bequeath to my son Josiah LEAK part of the land wh ereon I now live viz, the south side of te road beginning at Groom's li ne and thence up the road to the Creek and up the Creek to COLE's Sprin g Branch, thence up the sd. branch to the line, to him and his Heirs, f orever. And the said Josiah is to pay to Samuel LEAK Five and Twenty Po unds Currt. Money."

"Item- I give and bequeath to my sons john LEAK and William LEAK the re mainder of the aforesaid land on the North side of the foresd. road tha t is to say one of them is to have the whole Paying the other for his p art in it, and he that will give the other the most for his part of it s hall take the whole to him and his Heirs forever."

Item-I give and bequeath unto my two sons, Mask LEAK and Elisha LEAK my P iece of land in Albemarle which I bought of Paul MICHAUX to be equally d ivided between them in quantity and quality to them and their heirs for ever."

Item- I give and bequeath to my three daughters, Mary :CHRISTIANm Chris tine JOHNSTON and Judith LEAKE twenty pounds apiece after their Mother' s decease."

"Item- I lend to my daughter Elizabeth COLEMAN my Negro Girl Agge to wa it on her and to work for her, her lifetime and after her decease the s aid Agge and her increase if she has any be Equally divided amongst her c hildren."

Item- I lend to my loving wife and desire that she have the use of all m y Estate during her lifetime or widowhood, both land, Negros, cattle, e tc. and after her decease or marriage then these legacies to be paid, a nd the remainder of my Estate to be equally divided amongst all my chil dren. I also desire that those of my children which havd not been helpe d towards housekeeping with Bed, Pot and Stock, etc. as the others, may b e helped with such necessaries equally to what the others have been. I a lso appoint my loving wife, Judith LEAK and my son Josiah LEAK Executor s of this my last will and Teatament, desiring my estate may not be app raised nor give security. Whereunto I set my hand and seal this 31st da y of October Anno Dom. 1757 Walter LEAK (Seal)"

"Published in the presence of us: John HUMBER, Charles CHRISTIAN Junr. & E lizabeth HUMBER"

"At a Court held for Goochland May the 16th, 1758 this writing was Prov ed by the Oaths of John HUMBER and Charles CHRISTIAN Junr. to be the la st Will and Testament of Walter LEAK decd which was admitted to record. T est: Val Wood Cl. Cur."

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