Walter Leak


Birth: 15 JUL 1695 , Goochland, Va Source
Death: 16 MAY 1758 , Rocky Springs, Goochland Co. Va. Source

Married Judith Mask on BEF 1720 at Albemarle Co., Virginia

Charles Bostick Mary LOU Bostosk
William Leake Mary Bostick
Walter Leak
m.Judith Mask

Josiah Leak

John Leak

William Leak

Mask Leak

Elisha Leak

Mary Leake

Christian Leak

Judith Leak

Elizabeth Leake

Samuel Leak

Notes: "Thus the issue of Walter LEAK and Judith MASK, his wife, as given in h is will are as follows:

"1. Josiah LEAK; 2. John LEAK; 3. William LEAK; 4. Mask LEAK; 5. Elisha L EAK; 6. Mary LEAK_CHRISTIAN; 7. Christine LEAK_JOHNSTON; 8. Judith LEAK ; 9. Elizabeth LEAK_COLEMAN; 10. Samuel LEAK is given as son by other a uthorities. While he is mentioned in Walter LEAKE's will, he is not men tione as "son"."

"Now please refer back to the children of James COLEMAN (of Albemarle C o. VA) and his wife Elizabeth as mentioned in James' will. There was a J udith and Elizabeth COLEMAN's mother was Judith MASK. There was a daugh ter Maskey. Elizabeth COLEMAN's mother's maiden name was MASK. There wa s a daughter Mary and Elizabeth COLEMAN's grandmother was Mary BOSTICK. O n the COLEMAN side ther was Samuel, named for James COLEMAN's father Sa muel. A daughter, Ann BUNNFIELD (or BRUNFIELD) named for her grandmothe r Ann COLEMAN."

"There were many, many james and Samuel COLEMANs of this period and it i s often a puzzle to unravel their relationships. But in this case where a ll known dates fit and there seem to be no conflicting statements, the p icture is complete."

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